Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She has moved : ))

Later yesterday they had moved Kris to a different part of the trauma unit.....I believe it is called Trauma recovery. She is still doing quit well, Kris has begun to wake up more and more but is still a little confused, she has made some attempts to talk but she only gets a whisper out.
I am sure that with time over the next few days that will improve. She had that tube in place for such a long time that I'm sure her throat is sore and agitated.

Mom had said that some therapist had started working with her, one being a speech therapist, so it sounds like things are moving along, but we know it will still be a long journey for her.
I can't wait to see her again!! it has been incredibly hard to be away from her knowing she is so close, but I will continue to honor Clint's wishes.

Thanks for you continued prayers and all of the encouraging e-mails! It is exciting to check my email each day and my facebook as I have had an overwhelming amount of support.
I love you all very much!!!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good news....

I am so thrilled to report that they have taken Kris off the breathing machine and she seems to be breathing well on her own!!!!! Thank you God!!!!

she is still under sedation but is resting very well.....Emily Kailah and Isaac are here and have been in to see her. It is so awesome that they can see her without the tube in place!!!

I am thankful that she seems to be doing well, lets pray that each day continues to bring good news! I have faith in God that it will.

Love you

It's so hard to wait....

Hi family and friends,

I'm sorry for the lack of updates.....there hasn't been much change, so it has just been a matter of patiently waiting for more word.

Yesterday, they did another MRI, but still had not gotten the results back from that, so hopefully at some point today we will here about that.

She had a good night last night, so that is good to hear. They have also started allowing her to breath more on her own and that seems to be going well.

They still continue to monitor the swelling in her spin, and the swelling and bruising on her brain.

I thank you all once again for keeping up with her status, and I'm thankful for the technology of today, that allows us to keep each other in the loop, so we can know specifically how to pray for her on a daily basis. I know my Grammie, who is 80+ years old, doesn't understand how this blog thing works but she is thankful all the same, it helps her to feel close to her dear Krissy even though she can't be with her!!!!

Much love to you all,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

My heart is broken.....

Hi, we just got word from Clint moments ago and I wish I could say I have good news.
They brought her to Emmanuel Hospital, here in Portland because they were unable to land in Seattle. Emmanuel was one of the possibilities they were considering if she couldn't go to Seattle.

The doctors just got through doing her assessment and looking at all of her cat scans and x-rays.
Clint said it is much worse than they had originally thought. She has a severe spinal injury and her brain injury is not looking good. They told Clint, at this point she may never walk or talk again.

It is still incredibly early, so that's all we know, Clint was very exhausted!!! His uncle from here in Vancouver was going to be picking him up and taking him to his Grandmas, that lives here in Vancouver as well. The doctors said at this point absolutely no visitors.....Clint will not even be able to see her today.

I don't even know what else to say right now.....except that my heart is broken into a million pieces, as I' sure yours is as well, so lets just take this hour by hour, day by day and PRAY!!!

The doctors said she will be at Emanuel for several weeks, probably even a couple of months. I'm glad she is close


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

going to Seattle.....

Hi everyone, I was hoping to hold off on this update until I got a few more details but I know that you are all just as anxious as I am, so I will tell you what I know so far, and then update again this evening.

The face doctor came in to see Kris this afternoon and decided that the surgery on her face could no longer be put off. They believe that the fractures in her face are the cause of the infection that is getting into her brain. They have decided that she needs to have this surgery in Seattle, as the hospital there is better equipped for this kind of procedure. I have heard from several people that this is one of the best trauma hospitals in the northwest.

We are still waiting to hear when they plan to move her. I don't know if it will be tonight or first thing in the morning. So as soon as we hear from Clint or Emily, I will add another update.

oh yeah.....almost forgot......the name of the hospital is Harbor view Medical Center, in Seattle Washington.

Love you all,

A week has past.....

Krissy had a bit of a rough night last night, her fever was up again , so they have put a blanket around her that is circulating cool water. It is my understanding that it is some kind of plastic blanket that has continuous cool water running through out it. As of this afternoon it seems as though her fever is still there but it has not gone up.

She is also leaking some cerebral fluid (spinal fluid) from her nose and the Doctors have said that they think this is an indication that the bacteria is in her brain. Bacteria in the lining around the brain is a form of meningitis, so they are taking all measures to treat her as if that is the cause of the bacteria and fever.

They have decided not to try and remove her from the respirator at this point, for obvious reasons. They want her to rest as much as possible. They have also decided not to allow any visitors other than Clint and immediate family, as to keep her quiet.

We know she is in Gods hands and He will get her through this new phase of issues, so lets keep the prayers going!!! It has been so encouraging to see and hear all of the people who are praying for Kris, not only are family and friends praying, but the latest I heard, was that Kris is on the prayer chain of 17 different states across the country!!!! people who have never met her or don't even know her, have heard through distant family or friends of friends of friends about her accident and have put her on their churches prayer chain....AMAZING!!!!!! I have said it before and I'll say it again, GOD IS GOOD!!

Blessings to you all,


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Post surgery update.....

I just got off the phone with Emily and she gave me the low down : )

Surgery went well...they did not use bone from her hip...(that's good...one less thing to heal)
they put 4 screws and a plate in her neck. They will continue to keep her sedated so that there is as little movement as possible to ensure stability.

I asked Emily how her fever was doing and she said that yesterday it was high but it's under control today. They suspect that she has some bacteria somewhere, possibly in the brain, which would be a type of meningitis, or some bacteria in her lungs. Emily said they took some pictures of her lungs but found nothing really conclusive, however that is where they think it is most likely coming from. Unfortunately there is just know way to know for sure. They have started her on a 14 day cycle of anti-biotics, so hopefully the bacteria will subside.

They are going to try and take her off the respirator later today!!!! (sorry, I think I have been calling it a ventilator all this time, hope that didn't confuse you)
They have been doing short little trial runs all day, to ensure that she will be able to tolerate breathing on her own. One of the concerns with keeping her on the respirator as long as they have, is that it increases her chances for respirator infection, so the sooner they can get her off of that, the better.

Emily was on here way back to Spokane and will return on Thursday or Friday. Kailah and Isaac went back to school today and she said her dad has been going home each day. They are trying to get a little bit of rest and sometimes going back to the day to day things helps. I'm sure their emotions have been exhausted. I continue to pray rest and strength for them as it is much needed for this long journey.

I will let you know if I hear more this evening on how she is doing with the respirator....until then Blessings to you all : )


Day 7....

For we have Christ Jesus in our lives
And the power to overcome
As we keep praying and standing firm
All our battles shall be won.....

I don't know too many details yet, but we got word from Emily that she is out of surgery and it appears to have been successful.
The doctors were coming in to do rounds and updates, so as soon as I hear more I will let you all know.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 6.....

We just got word from Emily a few minutes ago, so here's the latest....
The results of the cat scan showed that she has developed some bruising on the right side of her brain, the swelling continues to stay the same, no better but no worse.
And also the fractured vertebrae in her neck that were secure are now no longer secure, they have moved. either one of these things could be the reason for the lack of movement in her right side or, neither at all. The x-rays they took of her hip showed no broken bones, so that is good news.

The plan is for her to go into surgery at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow to fix her neck. They are going to use bone from her hip. Because her neck is unstable they have to go in from the front of her neck instead of the back.

She is still on the ventilator (breathing tube) and they have not allowed her to wake up for the last couple of days,in order to keep her from moving around and to allow her body to continue to rest.
So now we have some specifics to be praying for. God is, and will continue to be in control of this situation, and I know He has her wrapped up in His arms, and we praise Him for that!!!!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 5....

Hi to all,
Sorry this update is kinda late, I came home with Zach and my dad last night, and my mom and Greg came home this afternoon, so we were waiting for the latest news from Clint.

Kris has developed a bit of a fever, so they had cold rags and fans on her today to keep her temperature down, they also gave her some Tylenol and that seemed to be doing the trick.
The face doctor is suppose to be in to see Kris at about 5a.m. so they took her to get a cat scan tonight, that way when the doctor gets there in the morning he will already have pictures to look at. This is just a follow up to see what is going on with her facial injuries and neck.

They also took some pictures of her right hip and leg area to see if there was something going on there, she has not moved her right leg or arm very much the last day and a half, not quit sure what is causing that.

They removed the tubes that were in her nose today, so that is good news, and she has also been doing very well with the food and protein that they have been giving her.

As soon as we here from Clint or Emily tomorrow regarding the cat scan results and x-ray results I will get on and give you all another update.

I hope this isn't sounding to redundant, but once again we all thank you for your support in prayer.....keep it up, GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

Tonya Sumstine

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 4....

Good morning.......Kris had a very restful night last night and we are so thankful for that!! The plan for today is pretty basic.....REST!!!....they have decided to keep her heavily sedated today and not allow her to wake up. She has had some pretty eventful days and that is good, however she needs to sleep for the next day or two and give her body a break. They have decided to limit her visitors as well.

I think on monday they would like to try and remove her neck collar briefly so that they can get some more accurate x-rays of her facial injuries and jaw. They examined her teeth this morning and found that none were broken or loose. That is good news because this could mean that her jaw is not broken either. (Tommy, we sure wish you were here!! :))

My heart has been feeling like we need to especially lift up Clint in our prayers.....the exhaustion is becoming more apparent, as much as he says he is doing fine, we all know better :) Not only does he want to be strong for Kris but he is keeping the kids' spirits up as well. It is so exhasting to keep it together, and this will not be over anytime soon. So my sisterly heart is going out to him and I ask that you join me in asking God to keep him strong and rested.

The kids seem to be doing fairly well. It's difficult to see their mom in this condition, but they love her very much and are doing as much as they can to help her get through this time.

I will let you know if there are anymore changes but at this point she is just resting comfortably.

God Bless,
Tonya Sumstine

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 3

We have seen several encouraging things today! The most exciting thing was watching her gain more alertness to her surroundings to the point where she actually gave her kids a hug!! It seems as though, now, when she starts to wake up, she is much more calm and aware of the people around her and her situation. Her medical status hasn't changed much, but good news is she has been hooked up to a feeding tube and has been recieving nutrition, her body is accepting the food and responding well!

I'm sorry I didn't get an update out sooner, had some technical difficulties... (operator error... ;) ) and then I flew out to Portland to get Zach so he could join the rest of the family here. That took up most of the day. Upon arrival, we were all suprised to see that Sherry and Dennis Yarbarough came in right behind us!

Please keep up the comments and prayer- it is our hope that within the next few days, we will be able to show her this blog so she can read all of your encouraging comments!

Blessings to you all! More updates to come in the morning after rounds.

Tonya Sumstine

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another update......

Hi again, here is the latest on Kris' condition....... all of the specialist have been into see her today and all have had the same encouraging news, things are looking good and small improvements are evident. The swelling in her face is looking much better and her color is much improved. Also the injuries that she sustained in her chest due to the impact, have also improved.......they are continuing to allow the machine to breath for her so her body can rest and not have to work at anything but healing. I'm not sure if I have mentioned yet (sorry it all tends to run together after awhile) but her air bags did not deploy and therefore she had a fairly horrific impact to her chest at which point her lungs had collapsed. the Doctors plan at this point is to continue to let her rest and wait for the her body to heal more and then make a plan to mend more of her injuries.
The most exciting and encouraging part of the day for me personally was seeing her open her eyes ....she had done this a couple of times before but today was the first day I personally got to see it. I can't even begin to tell you the elation that overcame me!!!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!
They have also begun to tilt her bed every 20 minutes to prevent bed sores. We have felt very encouraged by the events of the day, she appears to be getting stronger every hour that passes.
I would like to thank all who have been in prayer for her, the support that we are seeing is so uplifting, you are all amazing!!!!! PLEASE keep it up, she still has a very long road ahead of her and continued prayer is still the request.

Some friends of Clint and Kris have set up a fund for anyone who would like to help with her medical expenses......unfortunately as you know, when someone spends any amount of time in I.C.U the bill quickly becomes overwhelming. you can send or call any contributions to
Yakima Federal Savings and Loan it is under Clint Anderson
1 877-247-0365
Thank you again for all your continued support. We love you all very much

Tonya Sumstine

kristinas status

Good morning family and friends, and yes it is a good morning as we praise the Lord once again for sparing our dear Krissy's life!!!!! We are very happy to report that she opened her eyes and squeezed Clints hand !!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!
I just came out from visiting with my sister, she is still hard to recognize as her face is very swollen and she has many tubes in place to help her breathe. Kris is still being very heavily sedated as to keep her as comfortable as possible.
As for the latest doctor update.......the face surgeon was in at 4 a.m. this morning and another cat scan was done.....the air that was accumulating on her brain was gone.....(thank you Lord!!) her brain was still very swollen but had not gotten any worse....(thank you Lord!!) and there was no sign of any bleeding....(thank you Lord!!) They looked at the fractures in her face and decided that all of the fractures were small enough that they would probably heal on there own, or are not bad enough to warrant immediate surgery, due to the broken vertebrae in her neck she still has a collar in place to keep her neck stable. This means they cannot look at her jaw and see how badly it is broken and at this point keeping her neck stable is the highest priority.
Yesterdays surgery on her hand went well, however the next couple of days will determine if it was a complete success and her thumb will be saved. the anti-coagulants that she would have needed to prevent clotting was not an option, given her other injuries and life before limb is of course the priority.
So at this point we just continue to sit and pray and allow God to continue to heal her body. She seems to be improving and her awareness to us in the room seems to be increasing.
we thank you all so very much for your prayers....please keep it up........ We serve a mighty God and His healing power is very evident!!!!

many blessings,
Tonya Sumstine

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kristina's Status

Contineing: Clint was in the area just after the accident and I heard that he was able to get to the hospital within 10 minutes and has been here since that time. I was able to connect with Tonya, Pat and Greg and ride with them to Richland from Vancouver and arrived about 5:30pm. My brother Ken and his daughter left Portland immediately on hearing of the accident and arrived here a couple of hours later. One big blessing was that Ken's boss volunteered to pay for a motel room for us tonight; not even know me or Kris and the family.

God has everything in control and will reveal His plan and purpose at a later date; WE KNOW THAT.

We all appreciate your prayers and I'll keep this information going as more information comes to us.

Kristina's Status

Wednesday night; I'm at the Kadlec Hospital in Richland, Wa where my daughter Kristina was brought this morning after she lost control of her truck on black ice and rolled several times before coming to a stop. She was unconscious from that time until they got her to the hospital. At that time she responded to verbal questions. She had to be cut out of the truck which took an extensive amount of time. She suffered massive head trauma and lacerations which extended from the front of her forehead on the right side to the back of her neck. All the bones in her face are apparently fractured along with a fractured left forearm. Her right thumb was virtually almost severed however after surgery tonight the Dr said that she may recover some of the use of it but there were a lot of her bones that were left at the accident sight. I saw her again at about 9:30 tonight for the second time and she did look better in that the swelling seemed to go down and her eyes were not as black and blue as before.
At this point they are keeping her heavily sedated to the point that she is being assisted in breathing by a machine. Obviously she is not responding to us but we know that she does hear us and knows who's here at the hospital. The main concern of the medical staff is that she is gaining pressure in her brain area and possibly spine so it is crutial that they monitor that closely. After the cat scan they determined that she has also fractured three of the bones in her neck however she was able to move her arms and legs when asked earlier. We will know more after the drs see her in the morning; one being the dr that will begin work on her facial bones. I will post more information afte that time.

Some Blessings that have already become evident to all of us is that as she passed a vehicle just prior to losing control, the driver was a lady that knew Kris so she was able to be there during that time. Also, when the 911 call went out, the police officer also knew Kris and Clint.

My brother just told me to publish this so you all can read.