Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 4....

Good morning.......Kris had a very restful night last night and we are so thankful for that!! The plan for today is pretty basic.....REST!!!....they have decided to keep her heavily sedated today and not allow her to wake up. She has had some pretty eventful days and that is good, however she needs to sleep for the next day or two and give her body a break. They have decided to limit her visitors as well.

I think on monday they would like to try and remove her neck collar briefly so that they can get some more accurate x-rays of her facial injuries and jaw. They examined her teeth this morning and found that none were broken or loose. That is good news because this could mean that her jaw is not broken either. (Tommy, we sure wish you were here!! :))

My heart has been feeling like we need to especially lift up Clint in our prayers.....the exhaustion is becoming more apparent, as much as he says he is doing fine, we all know better :) Not only does he want to be strong for Kris but he is keeping the kids' spirits up as well. It is so exhasting to keep it together, and this will not be over anytime soon. So my sisterly heart is going out to him and I ask that you join me in asking God to keep him strong and rested.

The kids seem to be doing fairly well. It's difficult to see their mom in this condition, but they love her very much and are doing as much as they can to help her get through this time.

I will let you know if there are anymore changes but at this point she is just resting comfortably.

God Bless,
Tonya Sumstine


  1. Kristina,you are climbing back up the hill,its not easy for you, there are many people who want to help you, but all we can do is go to the Thrown where your maker is keeping tabs on you. You have touched the hearts of many people, many you dont even know, and they have heard your story and are seeing a life in you that they dont have and are asking questions of your faith, that is a testimony to your life,I am also thankful for being able to come up and see you in this very trying time, you made me look at my faith walk. I love you little girl, uncle kenneth

  2. Krissy, as a young girl I always looked up to older cousin who was so strong-willed and knew what she wanted and always went for it! And to this day I know you still hold these attributes and your strength will carry through this! You are touching lives of so many, even those that only know your name and story and it's absolutely incredible! You, Clint and the kids are a part of more prayer circles than I can count as well as the rest of your family and friends that are able to be there with you. We continue to pray and keep you in our thoughts. Continue to rest and heal!
    Much Love, Shelly