Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 6.....

We just got word from Emily a few minutes ago, so here's the latest....
The results of the cat scan showed that she has developed some bruising on the right side of her brain, the swelling continues to stay the same, no better but no worse.
And also the fractured vertebrae in her neck that were secure are now no longer secure, they have moved. either one of these things could be the reason for the lack of movement in her right side or, neither at all. The x-rays they took of her hip showed no broken bones, so that is good news.

The plan is for her to go into surgery at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow to fix her neck. They are going to use bone from her hip. Because her neck is unstable they have to go in from the front of her neck instead of the back.

She is still on the ventilator (breathing tube) and they have not allowed her to wake up for the last couple of days,in order to keep her from moving around and to allow her body to continue to rest.
So now we have some specifics to be praying for. God is, and will continue to be in control of this situation, and I know He has her wrapped up in His arms, and we praise Him for that!!!!


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  1. Tonya,
    Thank you for the continued updates, it is such a nice way to keep up to date on Krissy's condition as I am no longer by her side. We continue to keep Kris and family in our prayers. I know she's a fighter, it's in her blood. With God holding her in his arms I know she will prevail in this fight. I wish I could have stayed longer and let her know I was by her side. My thoughts and prayers are with her every single minute. We love you and we will keep the family lifted up in prayer as well as they maintain their vigil by Kris' side. Love you.