Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kristina's Status

Wednesday night; I'm at the Kadlec Hospital in Richland, Wa where my daughter Kristina was brought this morning after she lost control of her truck on black ice and rolled several times before coming to a stop. She was unconscious from that time until they got her to the hospital. At that time she responded to verbal questions. She had to be cut out of the truck which took an extensive amount of time. She suffered massive head trauma and lacerations which extended from the front of her forehead on the right side to the back of her neck. All the bones in her face are apparently fractured along with a fractured left forearm. Her right thumb was virtually almost severed however after surgery tonight the Dr said that she may recover some of the use of it but there were a lot of her bones that were left at the accident sight. I saw her again at about 9:30 tonight for the second time and she did look better in that the swelling seemed to go down and her eyes were not as black and blue as before.
At this point they are keeping her heavily sedated to the point that she is being assisted in breathing by a machine. Obviously she is not responding to us but we know that she does hear us and knows who's here at the hospital. The main concern of the medical staff is that she is gaining pressure in her brain area and possibly spine so it is crutial that they monitor that closely. After the cat scan they determined that she has also fractured three of the bones in her neck however she was able to move her arms and legs when asked earlier. We will know more after the drs see her in the morning; one being the dr that will begin work on her facial bones. I will post more information afte that time.

Some Blessings that have already become evident to all of us is that as she passed a vehicle just prior to losing control, the driver was a lady that knew Kris so she was able to be there during that time. Also, when the 911 call went out, the police officer also knew Kris and Clint.

My brother just told me to publish this so you all can read.

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