Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 5....

Hi to all,
Sorry this update is kinda late, I came home with Zach and my dad last night, and my mom and Greg came home this afternoon, so we were waiting for the latest news from Clint.

Kris has developed a bit of a fever, so they had cold rags and fans on her today to keep her temperature down, they also gave her some Tylenol and that seemed to be doing the trick.
The face doctor is suppose to be in to see Kris at about 5a.m. so they took her to get a cat scan tonight, that way when the doctor gets there in the morning he will already have pictures to look at. This is just a follow up to see what is going on with her facial injuries and neck.

They also took some pictures of her right hip and leg area to see if there was something going on there, she has not moved her right leg or arm very much the last day and a half, not quit sure what is causing that.

They removed the tubes that were in her nose today, so that is good news, and she has also been doing very well with the food and protein that they have been giving her.

As soon as we here from Clint or Emily tomorrow regarding the cat scan results and x-ray results I will get on and give you all another update.

I hope this isn't sounding to redundant, but once again we all thank you for your support in prayer.....keep it up, GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

Tonya Sumstine


  1. Clint, Krissy, and Family!
    It is amazing how far God has brought you. We are praying for continued improvements and for strength for each of you as you stay by Krissys side. We are still praying for the Drs to know just what to do and every movement they make with her care! Bless each of you with safety as you come and go. I am praying for the Mom and Dads strength in this time as well. I pray for His complete comfort in your minds as we give this to God!! We love you very much! Aunt Karen

  2. Tonya! What a wonderful job you are doing keeping us all informed so that we can continue to keep Kris, Clint, the kids, the parents, the Dr.'s and Kris' entire support system lifted up in prayer! We all appreciate this blog, but make sure to rest up and take care of yourself as well! I miss and love you and am praying for you as well! Much love, Shelly