Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She has moved : ))

Later yesterday they had moved Kris to a different part of the trauma unit.....I believe it is called Trauma recovery. She is still doing quit well, Kris has begun to wake up more and more but is still a little confused, she has made some attempts to talk but she only gets a whisper out.
I am sure that with time over the next few days that will improve. She had that tube in place for such a long time that I'm sure her throat is sore and agitated.

Mom had said that some therapist had started working with her, one being a speech therapist, so it sounds like things are moving along, but we know it will still be a long journey for her.
I can't wait to see her again!! it has been incredibly hard to be away from her knowing she is so close, but I will continue to honor Clint's wishes.

Thanks for you continued prayers and all of the encouraging e-mails! It is exciting to check my email each day and my facebook as I have had an overwhelming amount of support.
I love you all very much!!!



  1. Tonya,and family; I have missed the updates, thank you for coming back on. I have heard from so many people the last couple days wondering what the latest is, and calling me instead, and I had no information to give them. These are people who care, who are sharing in prayer, and who love Krissy, they are friends of mine, friends of friends, and I thought it sad that the news of Krissy's status was not being shared with these so many caring people across the united state's, yes I got call's from Nebraska, Alaska, Baltimore, just to mention afew. This that happened to one of my family (Krissy) has had far reaching effects on many, many people. I want to thank you Tonya for your courage, in continuing your effort's of showing your Love to YOUR SISTER, in this manner of expression, words from your heart. thank you! Tonya I Love You! uncle kenneth

  2. Tonya and Family! I have missed the updates too! But I understand that you are giving us everything that is passed to you... Just remember we all love you and family very much, we are continuing to remember you all in our prayers. Hope you get to see her soon.

  3. Debra called me this morning all happy and excited that Kris has said something like "Hi Mommy" to Pat. Debra was repeating it over and over like a song. Crazy girl. She was really stressed about her Kris, and so happy she is getting better. -- Gail

  4. Praise the Lord!!! Oh Kris you are so strong, what an amazing improvement in really such smal amount of time when you think of it (even if it feels like longer!) I pray for continued strength within you to heal you completely, I pray for a sense of peace and calm to immerse you, clint, the kids, family and friends and to have continued Faith and know that our Maker and Healer is taking care of you, His child. You are so loved, love your cousin Shelly : )

  5. Lifting you and your family up in prayer...You are loved- Julee Spalinger (fowler)

  6. Hi Tonya
    I want you to know, again, how proud I am of you for all that you are doing and have done and most of all for your heart. As your dad, I know your heart for Kris, and all your family, and I know that FAMILY life and values are so important to you and me even though others may passionately disagree.
    I know that Kris means so much to you and that you, and I desparately want to see her and want her to know that not coming to see her has NOT been our choice.

    For all who have checked in on this site, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, concerns and comments. I will be picking up some blogging on my site:
    (note that there is no dot after www)

    Tonya, continue to turn your emotions over to "Daddy" as you keep up this blog. I know that hundreds of family and friends are trying to understand what you and I are going through and will continue to support us. One day, Kris will deeply appreciate this and know that your mother, you and I, unconditionally love her as well as her other family.

    I love you Tonya