Thursday, January 15, 2009

kristinas status

Good morning family and friends, and yes it is a good morning as we praise the Lord once again for sparing our dear Krissy's life!!!!! We are very happy to report that she opened her eyes and squeezed Clints hand !!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!
I just came out from visiting with my sister, she is still hard to recognize as her face is very swollen and she has many tubes in place to help her breathe. Kris is still being very heavily sedated as to keep her as comfortable as possible.
As for the latest doctor update.......the face surgeon was in at 4 a.m. this morning and another cat scan was done.....the air that was accumulating on her brain was gone.....(thank you Lord!!) her brain was still very swollen but had not gotten any worse....(thank you Lord!!) and there was no sign of any bleeding....(thank you Lord!!) They looked at the fractures in her face and decided that all of the fractures were small enough that they would probably heal on there own, or are not bad enough to warrant immediate surgery, due to the broken vertebrae in her neck she still has a collar in place to keep her neck stable. This means they cannot look at her jaw and see how badly it is broken and at this point keeping her neck stable is the highest priority.
Yesterdays surgery on her hand went well, however the next couple of days will determine if it was a complete success and her thumb will be saved. the anti-coagulants that she would have needed to prevent clotting was not an option, given her other injuries and life before limb is of course the priority.
So at this point we just continue to sit and pray and allow God to continue to heal her body. She seems to be improving and her awareness to us in the room seems to be increasing.
we thank you all so very much for your prayers....please keep it up........ We serve a mighty God and His healing power is very evident!!!!

many blessings,
Tonya Sumstine


  1. Give Kris a kiss and hug from me. She's going to pull through just fine. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted, Tonya. I am sure Kris knows she is surrounded by people who love her. We continue to pray and watch for His miracles to show in her. Our love to all of you!

  3. May His love surround all of you right now. The power of prayer is so evident in the last 24 hours it gives me goosebumps! Love and prayers. Sherry