Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good news....

I am so thrilled to report that they have taken Kris off the breathing machine and she seems to be breathing well on her own!!!!! Thank you God!!!!

she is still under sedation but is resting very well.....Emily Kailah and Isaac are here and have been in to see her. It is so awesome that they can see her without the tube in place!!!

I am thankful that she seems to be doing well, lets pray that each day continues to bring good news! I have faith in God that it will.

Love you


  1. Dear Family! Wow! I am just speechless with all God has done. Yes, there have been ups and downs. Krissy is still with us and God is just AWESOME! Still praying... Still love you all! Aunt Karen

  2. Hang in there Tonya and family. Debra sends her love ... Gail