Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's so hard to wait....

Hi family and friends,

I'm sorry for the lack of updates.....there hasn't been much change, so it has just been a matter of patiently waiting for more word.

Yesterday, they did another MRI, but still had not gotten the results back from that, so hopefully at some point today we will here about that.

She had a good night last night, so that is good to hear. They have also started allowing her to breath more on her own and that seems to be going well.

They still continue to monitor the swelling in her spin, and the swelling and bruising on her brain.

I thank you all once again for keeping up with her status, and I'm thankful for the technology of today, that allows us to keep each other in the loop, so we can know specifically how to pray for her on a daily basis. I know my Grammie, who is 80+ years old, doesn't understand how this blog thing works but she is thankful all the same, it helps her to feel close to her dear Krissy even though she can't be with her!!!!

Much love to you all,


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