Wednesday, January 21, 2009

going to Seattle.....

Hi everyone, I was hoping to hold off on this update until I got a few more details but I know that you are all just as anxious as I am, so I will tell you what I know so far, and then update again this evening.

The face doctor came in to see Kris this afternoon and decided that the surgery on her face could no longer be put off. They believe that the fractures in her face are the cause of the infection that is getting into her brain. They have decided that she needs to have this surgery in Seattle, as the hospital there is better equipped for this kind of procedure. I have heard from several people that this is one of the best trauma hospitals in the northwest.

We are still waiting to hear when they plan to move her. I don't know if it will be tonight or first thing in the morning. So as soon as we hear from Clint or Emily, I will add another update.

oh yeah.....almost forgot......the name of the hospital is Harbor view Medical Center, in Seattle Washington.

Love you all,


  1. We are praying for peace in the midst of this storm. May the Great Physician continue to hold tightly to Kris as new doctors minister to her needs. Thanks for keeping us updated, Tonya! We love you all!

  2. God Bless Kris and Clint, their children and the rest of her family. (which includes must of us) We are all praying constantly and sending all good thoughts her way. Tonya you are doing such a great thing with this blog. It really helps those of us who are so far away. Aunt Nona and Mom both say they don't understand how these things work but they are happy that someone can get the information to them some way. Blessings and prayers to all of you! Sue